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MIRANO group has launched its brand name MIRANO® on national level as the first phase of multi phase strategy to build a national brand, benefited from the well established distribution network all over Romania; this brand has found its way to highly visible shelves at prime location outlets in almost every city in Romania. Today Mirano® is absolutely the best selling brand in Romania having the biggest market share in this field

The DELSEY brand, founded by Emile Delhaye and the Seynhaeve brothers, first saw light of day in 1946. In the beginning, DELSEY made leather cases for cameras and photgraphic equipment. It was in 1970 that the brand took its place in the world of luggage with the DELSEY Airstyle, the first range of rigid bags. DELSEY is the result of a creative idea, an innovative reponse to a world in constant flux. The brand has been able to adapt, to make itself new by offering ever more functional, innovative and light products, all the while staying faithful to its Parisian origins and to its history. DELSEY has a little something special, something instantly identifiable that makes it a globally recognised brand. Human and close to the traveller, it offers them luggage in their image, created to make their lives more simple and to be with them on their best journeys.

Ever since we started in 1976, we have been on the quest for making our unique brand of luggage better. Though the design roots can be traced to London, today we are a truly international brand with presence in over 50 countries and four continents, with regional offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong kong. Technical innovation and constant upgradation are the things that make our range distinctive. Our new collection is an attempt to satisfy the needs of modern travel by being lightweight, colourful and fashionable; while being in touch with the traditional travel values of having a secure transfer of belongings and more than sufficient packing volume. With this fundamental blend, we hope to be able to meet the expectations of today’s traveller in a meaningful way. Because our mission is simple: to make travel a pleasurable experience.